Sammy Albon

Sammy Albon


Senior campaign Director, What They Said

Sammy Albon is Senior Campaign Director at What They Said - the fresh, creative influencer marketing agency from the award-winning PrettyGreen Group of creative communications agencies. He has years of experience designing and leading award-winning campaigns across a range of verticals from FMCG to entertainment, across 1000's of pieces of content. With a wealth of experience in both traditional and digital media, Sammy has spoken internationally on the nature of the influencer marketing industry. Prior to becoming an influencer marketing, Sammy was a full-time content creator for nearly a decade, working closely with YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, (RIP), and Twitter. He hosted and co-produced BBC Radio 1’s “Return to Comedy” in 2018 with the Niki and Sammy’s Peachy Podcast and has strong relationships with both music labels and the film scene in the UK. He was lucky to be listed on 2021's Talking Influence's Top 50 alongside so many brilliant names doing such great things for the industry.

Sammy is speaking on:

How Your Influencer Marketing Strategy Can Survive the Recession