How to Get Your Performance Teams to Respect Influencer Marketing

Pyramid  •  Fireside Chat  •  3:40 PM–4:10 PM

We’ve all shared ‘bad’ examples of influencer marketing with friends and colleagues (and we’ve probably all been responsible for it). Influencer marketing that didn’t align with the brand’s objectives; influencer marketing that lacked creativity; influencer marketing that didn’t influence. We know that brands have been burnt in the past. Yet all of these issues could be solved so easily. It’s time performance and brand worked together to build influencer strategies that align with the wider marketing mix and drive real business success. The session will cover:

  • How to implement the 4C framework: Customer, Channel, Creative and Company
  • How you can partner performance teams and influencer marketing activity to identify opportunities and put the customer first
  • How to adopt a test-and-learn approach to all your influencer campaigns
  • How to work with your PR teams to incorporate influencer case studies in PR outreach and attract journalists
  • How to create the perfect partnership with influencers and change how you collaborate with them