Creative Models of Working with Talent

Main  •  Panel  •  3:40 PM–4:10 PM

Whether you’d like to admit it or not, everyone's influencer marketing strategy and approach to working with creators could benefit from a refresh, not just a one-off refresh, but an always-on approach to exploring new creative ways to work with talent. Switching up the way you work with creators attracts new audiences to your brand and optimises the opportunity for you to reach your goals, but on the other hand, applying new and creative approaches to your strategy is a sure-fire way to keep the creators you work with excited and engaged, increasing your chances of retaining them for long term partnerships. The session will feature conversation on: User Generated Content and brand advocates. How can you solidify your approach to UGC to ensure that the sort of content you would usually be willing to pay for is not being made for free? How can your campaign go further than the grid? What are the main considerations for offline activations? How can brands learn from creators, when it comes to harnessing the community?