Strengthen Your Brand & Affiliate Partnerships: Do More With Less!

Pyramid  •  Solo  •  10:20 AM–10:50 AM

“Do more with less” has become a familiar request, and strategies that deliver full-funnel marketing activity are helping deliver better spend efficiency throughout the customer journey. It’s tempting to think of influencer marketing as strictly top of the funnel - building awareness and that’s it. But it can play an important role and keep momentum, especially when used with affiliate.

In this session Rakuten Advertising’s Rakhee Jogia talks to Student Beans and Mavrck about:

  • Aligning your marketing departments and stakeholders to integrate your influencer and affiliate campaigns
  • Building a measurement model from top-of-funnel awareness to conversions and sales
  • Real case studies from Student Beans and other brand examples of successful influencer and affiliate marketing partnerships