How to Correctly Compensate Your Influencers to Beat the Competition

Horizon  •  Solo  •  12:00 PM–12:20 PM

Aligning creator incentives and marketing budgets can make influencer compensation a difficult balance to strike. Get it wrong, and you’ll struggle to find and motivate talented creators. Get it right, and you’ll build a strong influencer program that delivers exceptional results and authentic content for your brand. Join San Sareen, EMEA Director of Influencers and Creators at, as he shares insights about how you can unlock growth and beat the competition with the right influencer compensation model.

Three key takeaways:

  • Invest time and energy into understanding the true value of a creator’s influence
  • Incentivize outreach to your target market by considering audience demographics when determining creator compensation
  • Negotiate usage rights to creator content to reduce your in-house content expenses