Turning Followers Into Communities: How Influencer Marketing Will Make It Happen in Web 3.0.

Horizon  •  Solo  •  9:30 AM–9:50 AM

The term "community building" has become a common one across marketing strategies - and most of the time there's a misunderstanding between interaction and a loyal community base. However, there is one key secret that turns brands' followers into communities: the sense of belonging.

With Web 3.0 about to erupt, influencers will play a major role in supporting brands to make this shift, by offering experiences, emotional connections and making audiences feel part of the brand's evolution - ultimately turning communities into sustainable and returning customers, on and offline.


  • Learn how community building can impact the success of your marketing strategy - and why interactions are not enough.
  • Understand why influencer marketing is the most effective way to turn followers into loyal communities.
  • Discover how influencer marketing will mould the success of Web 3.0 marketing strategies when it comes to building strong bonds with audiences.