Is Data-Driven Influencer Marketing the Industry’s Biggest Con?

Pyramid  •  Solo  •  11:10 AM–11:40 AM

A quick google search for ‘data driven influencer marketing’ brings back 16,400 results. In a tough economy, marketers reasonably want to do whatever they can to ensure real, quantifiable results from their influencer marketing investments. And data has been touted as the answer to that. A full-funnel solution, data has been presented as the solution to all of marketing’s worries. Data can inform your strategy, guide your influencer selection, direct your optimisation and - perhaps most crucially - help you count up your results at the end. However, when you lift the lid on what many marketers and even whole agencies are calling data-driven marketing, you’ll quickly realise that it’s being grossly oversold. With a focus on vanity metrics and basic audience demographics, it’s no wonder the promise of this supposedly revolutionary approach to the channel seems to be falling short for many. So today, we’re going to be answering the important question: is data-driven influencer marketing a con? And if it’s not, what does it actually take to make it possible?